Veras Studio x kimbralou

Vera owns a Studio business that has an innovative style shoots system with an incredible robotic setup for speed and ease.

After the MBFF ‘19 Runway Vera sought me out and informed me of the robotic Style shoots machine. Intrigued by the notion of robots performing to create commercial content, Vera then expressed her interest in collaborating with kimbralou.
Vera informed me that at the MBFF ‘19 Next Gen, she had been sitting amongst the many Special Event Models, each styled in kimbralou, admiring the vibe of fashion forward and wondering what brand the looks were from. Vera went onto say that seeing kimbralou at Runway finale was when she realised what brand she had been admiring. 
At this time, as it turned out, both Vera and I were launching our commercial businesses. Therefore, it was a highly successful collaboration where her Studio benefitted from launching with the ‘loud’ exclusive looks of kimbralou. By the same token,the kimbralou launch benefited too with the many product shots and video that was loaded onto the website. With this, a high end commercial was produced with a trailer that, to this day, is still very useful to communicate the kimbralou difference. Watch commercial here:
Models booked:
Current Official kimbralou Models Sven, Albert and JesseMay @__jessmay__ with fabulous Models Mercy @mercyashie and Ellearna @ellearna.rose
The project with Vera involved a collaboration with by @deleeshioustreets where the looks were styled with customised accessories from salvaged materials.