kimbraloup puts some money back into your bank for recycling kimbralou back to the company!

By now, I would say, everyone of us is aware to the urgency of saving Mother Earth from irreversible damage. I am personally trying my level best to salvage and customise one of a kind kimbralou pieces to be regenerative by design. 

I have taken kimbralou out to 30 + runways; putting the brands values of ‘sustainable inclusiveness in diversity’ on many radars and showcasing the brands reported actions.

Although the brands values have been highly validated, to my mind, kimbralou can do better towards closing the circular fashion loop and not err on the side of a linear process. That is, I salvage fashion pieces and then convert these virgin textiles into an exclusive customised piece. You come in to ‘own’ the released kimbralou piece but what happens after that?


Do the designs of kimbralou and the fact they are a one of a kind piece keep it from being discarded?
And … if a kimbralou piece is discarded then, without the KIMBRALOUP service, isn’t it really  just delaying the virgin textiles from earth polluting landfill?!

Remember, earths resources were used in the manufacturing process, where many polluting toxins went into the rivers to make the virgin textile AND not to mention the unethical treatment of the people producing this mass of clothes that is 400% more than 20 years ago. (Source: WHO) 

The real urgency to launch ‘kimbraloup’, as the brands side arm, came from reading consistent reports of individuals only wearing a garment 7 times on average before it’s discarded as no value.

In fact, over my 20 years of salvaging fashion, before kimbralou existed and now the 4 + years salvaging to customise, I have heard too many say, “I’ve only worn it once!”
A family in the western world throws away an average of 30 kg of clothing each year. Only 15% is recycled or donated’. (Source: WHO)

I don’t want to ever make anything complicated here at kimbralou. In general, the world outside kimbralou can be tough enough without me giving you hard hoops to jump through to action kimbraloup

I want to make ‘kimbraloup’ just another service within kimbralou where people find the brand an easy place to buy unique pieces to ‘own’ and ‘not cost the earth.’

I hope you find all the customer services rewarding and can actually experience that in action as I deliver on my promises to you. With the KIMBRALOUP  service I have endeavoured to make it a highly rewarding process if you decide to recycle kimbralou and get some money back into your bank for doing so.

I want to do everything possible to ensure these ‘owned’ pieces remain in the circular fashion cycle, on a continuous loop, where we both can feel good about our choices ‘not costing the earth’.

Plus, I’ll tell you a secret!

I love seeing kimbralou pieces again, spending time to tweak them and then re releasing them for more stories to be added to their virgin fibres with a new ‘owner’.

The way I see it you can buy a released kimbralou piece knowing you can make sustainable choices no matter whether you wear it once or the 7 times researchers report.

So here is how kimbraloup works... 

You Paid Your Return 
 </= $50 20% ($10)
$51- $100 25% ($25)
$101- $150 30% ($50)
$151 - $200 35% ($70)
$201- $250 40% ($100)
$251 -$300 45% ($135)
$301 -$350 50% ($175)
$351 -$400 55% ($220)
$401 -$450 60% ($270)
$451 -$500 65% ($325)
$551 - $600 70% ($420)
$600+  70% ($420)


♻️kimbraloup activates after 1 month from the day of purchase via the website store, Depop app or in person at a popup sale event.

♻️ Simply email to activate kimbraloup with details including the price you paid to own so kimbralou can verify this amount.

♻️ Please also include images of the piece to verify undamaged condition that matches original aesthetic.

♻️ kimbralou can re-negotiate a lower kimbraloup money back percentage than advertised if you are transparent about minor or major damage of the piece from its original aesthetic.

♻️ Owner to cover cost of standard shipping via own choice of provider together with a tracking reference emailed to kimbralou. 

♻️ Once kimbralou receives the piece it will undergo one final inspection to ensure a valid return.

♻️ On final validation the transaction is actioned via your nominated bank account details or PayPal.  

Please indicate in the email what number best describes your reason for accessing kimbraloup:

1. I am still in the habit of owning a piece once to an event. Thanks for having kimbraloup so that it virtually is the same as renting.

2. I have enjoyed ‘owning it’ many times but feel it’s time to let it go for other adventures via kimbraloup

3. Seeing it virtually I thought I would ‘own it’ but just didn’t vibe with it IRL. Thanks for having kimbraloup where it is virtually like having a return process outside the store's 14 day return policy.

4. I’m disappointed that it no longer fits me to own it. I’m pleased to know kimbraloup will ensure someone else will own it to love like me.

5. TBH I love it but need some cash back ATM. Thanks for having kimbraloup so I can activate this helpful process for myself.


Before you ‘kimbraloup your piece   

Don't forget! You can be a monthly winner of a one use 25% discount code by entering our Instagram ‘Snap,Tag and comment’ competition!

BTW this is open to everyone owning a kimbralou piece. 

1. Model your kimbralou piece

2. Snap a pic (the wilder the better!)

3. Tag us & comment @kimbralou on the 'gram…

4. Keep an eye on socials, to see if you win

5. kimbralou will announce a winner of ‘25% off code’ every month on Insta.

I will be looking for the best Instagram post commenting on how you feel ‘owning it’ in a kimbralou piece.
For owners accessing the kimbraloup service I will look for additional comments on how you feel about this service.