Richard Smith x kimbralou

Management of a start up restaurant ‘saw’ the kimbralou ‘HAUS’ concept and booked kimbralou immediately to facilitate their aim of launching in an innovative way to gain commercial advantage. 
The launch plan was for an eight desert degustation event on Valentine’s Day 2019. It was planned that each desert was designated a name like addiction, lust, envy, etc and the brief was that the looks and modelling at the event had to align with the desert names. 
The negotiated booking fee was finally honoured after some argy bargy where the motivation was to ensure the Models were remunerated for work completed. Payment of Modelling services has been a priority since the first Runway.Personally, I absorbed the financial and time loss, as did Richard, where to this day I assume the Restaurants’ in house goings on suddenly called  launch plans off.
 This was my first awareness of how an official contract would of been handy to be compensated for the massive production of making  eight fresh kimbralou looks that represented desert names, Model fitting and  Photoshoot completion. 
The timeline to have the looks created and professional images done was one week to enable lead time for the restaurants advertising. 
The positive outcome was that it  made me aware that the HAUS was at peak capability and as a Fashion Designer I could fully complete 8 fresh looks under time pressure and lead the ‘Haus’ to an outcome of creative excellence. 
Involved in this episode was Photographer Richard Smith, current Official kimbralou Models Sven, Albert, Jacob and Tessa with fabulous Models Jesse and Lily.