Traditionally at a RAW Australia Runway Showcase a Fashion Designer is creatively teamed with a showcasing hairstylist and MUA.  At the start of 2019, kimbralou with the Models and photographer ambassador, Richard Smith, had built a reputation as dynamic cohesive team. 
Being able to make savvy decisions on the fly I took RAW Australia’s approach seeking to showcase the brand as an an opportunity to promote the idea that kimbralou was powered by an of the exclusive entity of creative parts. That is , the ‘HAUS of kimbralou’ showcased how the collective talents of a Fashion Designer, Stylists,HMUA’s, choreographers, creative directors, modelling and photography combined to own creative excellence. 
The ‘HAUS of kimbralou’ concept, at this time, involved Photographer  Richard Smith and myself as Fashion Designer. The entity also included current Official kimbralou Models Sven, Albert, Jacob, Tessa with fabulous models Jesse and Lily. 
This strategic move to promote kimbralou as a ‘one stop shop’ saw the ‘HAUS of kimbralou’ immediately gain two bookings. One was a  start up restaurant searching for an innovative way of gaining commercial advantage. While the other was for a Cannon Collective Fashion Photography Workshop.