RAW Australia, Brisbane '18 #2 x kimbralou

kimbralou Runway showcases have a signature kimbralou choreographed move that as the runway progresses builds a large pile. This is symbolic of the large discarded textile waste piles I salvage from.
A run sheet from this Runway shows the choreographing known as the ‘decant’ to build this pile. 

I look back now and think how fast the kimbralou entity was travelling on the ‘freight train’. I personally was ‘high’ on the razzamatazz  of it all with the Model Squad. 
RAW Australia-Brisbane had a last minute pull out and approached kimbralou to fill it. The growth since our last RAW Runway is evident. We could do it all at that event… released kimbralou pieces were selling fast, there was a full studio setup in our dressing room space where the kimbralou entity recorded a podcast. Then the current official kimbralou Models Sven, Albert, Jacob and Tessa with Models Kalani, Maddy and Jesse absolutely owned the Runway in Finale position. 
Melody from Star Dust Disco was still collaborating with kimbralou with the styling of accessories. 
kimbralou had both Peter Mcgee and Richard Smith like the paparazzi, collaborating with kimbralou, capturing the razzamatazz of it all.