RAW Australia, Goldcoast '18 x kimbralou

@inter_svention (Sven) 
@albert.bell (Albert) 
@kalaniv_ (Kalani)
@Maddydaddy (Maddy)
@chai.rrr (Ricky)
@jacobwillow (Jacob)
@bungprincess (Tessa)
@Rachaels_personal _styling (Rachael)

This Runway was significant as it validated that kimbralou was not a ‘one hit wonder’ by being accepted for a second showcase. 
The no show of the appointed MUA on the event day also highlighted the depth of natural creative talent within the kimbralou Squad Models to do their own faces and my ability as a Professional MUA to assist. 
Two new Models were scouted for the Model Squad and remain Official kimbralou Models - Jacob and Tessa.

First generation Squad Models Sven, Albert Kalani, Maddy and Ricky were also cast to walk. 
The Hairstylist @Rachaels_personal _styling
Of special note, the parachute jacket gained a hand written fluro yellow  patch stating “Pigs have flown” as a bold declaration that the raggle taggle kimbralou Squad had simply backed themselves and produced what would of been considered impossible … creative excellence putting on a show that was announced by the MC to be ‘like no other seen!’