Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane Next Gen '18 x kimbralou




It took 9 months from being scouted by RAW Australia, Brisbane for Runway Showcasing, labelled a Fashion Designer and scouting a Model Squad to be debuting kimbralou at a ‘real’ Runway. The debut was at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane Next Gen ‘18. (MBFF)

Until this point, the only ‘real’ Runway experience was sitting watching the shows at the EKKA. The preparation and attendance at  MBFF was quite surreal given that I had always thought how fabulous it must feel for the EKKA Runway Designers to see their creations walk with equally sensational Models. I sat at these shows as a Professional Nurse and had no clue kimbralou the Fashion Designer lurked inside of me. 
On now being the Fashion Designer attending MBFF to watch 8 kimbralou looks walk the Runway on equally sensational cast Models was not an opportunity to waste. 
The ‘hustler’ in me ensured the kimbralou entity entered the event presenting like the fashion elite. I had the kimbralou entity styled in a major kimbralou looks. The kimbralou entity refers to myself , the Model Squad (Sven, Albert,Kalani, Maddy, Jacob, Tessa and Jesse) and Melody from kimbralous’ sponsored accessory brand, Star Dust Disco. 
It is always highly important that a dedicated professional Photograpgher is capturing the kimbralou razzmatazz at every event, such as this. It’s like the medical world, if it’s not documented it didn’t happen. It would be a mistake not to do this as their is a mine field of drama scrambling for images after the event.  Peter McGee, styled in kimbralou, was briefed about the must have shots before he looked like the paparazzi on top of the kimbralou entity. 
I heard back later from the Brisbane fashion world grapevine that the common question at MBFF was, ‘Who are these people and where did they come from?’ We were collectively ordinary people, off the street, with no fashion or modelling backgrounds. 

Of course the fashion world of Brisbane didn’t know us. 

Richard Smith, the official MBFF runway photographer came to me after telling me that the general consensus was that,’ kimbralou was like a breathe of fresh air into the event….’ At this time Richard also expressed his interest in professionally photographing kimbralou. As kimbralou had 4 more Runway events in the pipeline for 2018 I invited him to join us. 
As an extra detail about the kimbralou razzamatazz that I set up for the brand I ensured that the Professional photographs of the Model Squad styled in the Runway looks flooded the kimbralou Instagram account immediately following being seen on the MBFF Runway. Also, the kimbralou entity attended the following nights MBFF Runway styled in the kimbralou Runway looks. 
I had tried to have the kimbralou Model squad cast to walk kimbralou but was unfortunately rejected. This lead me to realise that in reality the Model Squad is more ‘valuable’ styled in kimbralou at the event rather than the 5minutes seen on the Runway. Also, surrounding me with their collective ability to own it I can blend in where no one is really sure who the Designer is.