MBFF Brisbane Next Gen '19 x kimbralou

Of course I was seated in the audience with 40 Special Event Models, all styled in kimbralou. It’s too much hard work to miss the 5 minutes it took Cast Models to walk the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Next Gen 2019 (MBFF) Runway in an exciting choreographed finale. 
I can say this because as I moved with the crowd to the exit I could hear the myriad of voices all chattering about kimbralou. All of them oblivious to me as the Fashion Designer beside them receiving their comments of “now that ending was a show we came to see!”, “ That takes me back to the 80s when shows were exciting!”, “I’ve never heard of kimbralou!”, “That was amazing!” 
The choreography of the show , with the fierce ending, had the building decant pile to symbolise the mindless piles of discarded fashion that I salvage from. Added to this, there was a WTF moment added where the finale Model gave her jacket away to a random front row person. This was an attempt to ‘shake’ the audience to reflect on what this move symbolised; the more sustainable practice of lending or gifting the fashion no longer valued. 
It’s a lot of mental, emotional and physical grit I have to pull out of myself to execute Major looks that have a chance of being perceived as next level to the last. This all done whilst I still keep the same substantive hours in my career as an RN pre kimbralou. 
Kimbralou is described by me as a freight train.
The fire from the burn that came did however light the way for me.