We are all have different emotional needs.
The ‘out of fucks’ jackets were vehemently decanted by some Models... 
Symbolic of not needing cover of the ‘battle Jacket’ but instead able to walk free in the scrap dress in that moment. 
The scrap dress collection was symbolic of how the ‘scraps’ of life can be patiently pieced together, with mindfulness, to create something powerfully unique. 
This completes the SIX REEL SERIES of the Runway ‘out of fucks’ for the @badolive97 Event. 
Never before has kimbralou produced a Runway where the intersection of fashion and storytelling collided and created a power force that soothed the burnt soul.
EVENT: @badolive97 bad bitches Art Fashion Sound Showcase
MODELS: (featured order) @sarahnicholson_  @liliainhouston @kate.kingfreelance @__jessmay__