Fresh Out Of Fucks Part 1

Heavily cloaked and hidden... giving the insecure seeming ‘power’ that their negative actions have made the person, who owns themselves, ‘beige’...
It is short lived as the cloak reveals a bright orange colour and a power face “out of fucks” 
The headpiece, symbolic of a muzzled voice, is slammed to the ground in intimidating defiance. 
The insecure will become weaker by having this short lived power snatched so suddenly from them. 
The glimpse of fluorescent orange should of been warning enough but their insatiable desire to feed their weak egos  blinds them. 
There are seven more behind her though, affected by the toxic intentions of the insecure to disarm .... 
They are attempting to shut themselves away in suitcases with their voices seemingly muzzled by the head pieces. 
On return to them the power of a strong woman’s mentoring, leadership and positive encouragement will empower them to own themselves. 
EVENT: Bad Bitches @badolive97 Art Fashion Sound Show. 
RUNWAY: ‘out of fucks’ 
LEAD MODEL: @__jessmay__