Brisbane Fashion Runway '18 x kimbralou

Brisbane Fashion Runway (BFR) is directed by two dynamic young ladies, Amy and Tanya. BFR is set as a competition format where emerging Fashion Designers apply, are selected to showcase with opportunity to be announced the winner. 
The 2018 winner prize was sponsorship to complete, the then, QUT 360 Accelerator Fashion Program. I remember how hesitant I was in applying given that kimbralou was more in need of a de escalation Program.
At this point,  kimbralou had just run the gauntlet on 5 back to back runways. As an entity we had our showcasing process well developed. This was validated at the After Party when a judge put it straight on me that kimbralou was projecting as too ‘advanced’ to be seen as an emerging brand with an ‘accidental’ Fashion Designer at the helm. 
Some people only ever want to see what they think they can see and there is no use arguing.  I’m a RN, a professional MUA and at that time was still selling salvaged fashion and toys at a market every Sunday as a side hustle. Never a Fashion Designer and still don’t really see myself as one either. 
The kimbralou ‘voice’ was very loud at this Runway. I transcribed my personal emotions of gaining many strengths from a childhood filled with domestic violence and the crippling Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis that I assume hit me at two year old from the stress.  I borrowed some Alanis Morissette lyrics from ‘Thank U’ to collage the dress with the embroidered statements. It was the finale look walked with Official kimbralou Model Tessa. 
Every Runway opportunity I advocate for the Models aligned with kimbralou to be given opportunity to walk . The BFR Directors fully embraced the kimbralou Models walking their collective style of show. 
Showcasing are current Official kimbralou Models Sven, Albert, Jacob, Tessa with Squad Models Maddy and Jesse. 
Richard Smith was with kimbralou as the collaborating Photographer capturing the magic.