Brisbane Fashion Festival '21 x kimbralou



After a 2 year COVID related event pause, when Brisbane Fashion Festival (BFF) returned, for me, I felt I had to showcase looks that would clearly demonstrate the brands design growth. 

To amplify the project to be runway ready with styled set looks, kimbralou was appointed near double the looks from the same event in 2019. Added to this, kimbralou was allocated to open. 
Kimbralou opened with 14 cast Models on a long runway that ramped out of city hall and wrapped around the audience filling Brisbanes King George Square. 
With a show vibe always top of mind, kimbralou opened with Popstar BEKS singing live, the recent single releases, and walked the Runway with the cast Models. 
I sat with the special Event Models where current Official kimbralou Models Sven and Albert took their usual places beside me with Tessa and Jesse May not far. The family, including my granddaughters, were there with me too. 
As always, all with me are styled in kimbralou for the sake of the razzmatazz that is both fun and critical to brand projection. I make this claim, as would you believe, all 14 kimbralou looks take a scheduled 5 minutes, from Runway time, to showcase. 
The cost benefit needs not to be overlooked with anything a brand commits to.  
I needed a visual reminder of this to help me with future choices that were more measured and beneficial to the cost of time and money. To this end, I purposely placed the finale Model in kimbralous first Runway power dress. On passing me in the audience, this look was to symbolise a full circle in Major Brisbane Fashion events. 
Kimbralou was invited by BFF to customise a campaign look. The total look was salvaged vintage pieces and customised. Of note the reworked jacket had its sleeves, garter clipped, to the skirt girdle from the legs. The red patent boots were thrifted new in the box! 
Since 2019 and now in 2021 society had shifted to recognise that humans have the right to reveal and live by their chosen pronouns. I felt that the brand, from inception, had projected intuitive alignment with freedom of individuality. There has been too much unsolicited positive feedback that informs me that many people, from all walks of life, tend to select kimbralou pieces to express their freedoms, sexuality and individuality.     
Therefore, I embraced Alberts choice to wear the BFF Campaign look. Wanting to be as fierce as the BFF Campaign Model and Models BEKS, Wellborn and Kolder who had unreleased images captured by Richard Smith in the look. Simply Albert had made a fashion choice, that was all and with kimbralou the message to they/them was hopefully validating. 
Values can be certainly expressed as words but to me it is more important to showcase them in actions.