BADOLIVE Art Fashion Showcase '20 x kimbralou




Brisbanes underground art, fashion and sound scene was pushed forward by the visionary Abb Olive of @badolive97 

A cool power woman inspired by the same creative underground vibe in London and exacted her vision on return home to AUS. 
This runway had only two current Official kimbralou Models cast, Tessa and Jesse May and the three fabulous Models Angela, Jacqueline and Ness from recent photoshoots.
The other Models were cast from Bad Olives cool friends list at my request, knowing that they would bring a different edge to a kimbralou Runway. They didn’t disappoint with their authentic ability for fun. It was an amazing vibe in that grungy warehouse. 
Some Major looks walked on this Runway were meant to be for the ‘prestigious’ Runways that year but because of COVID they released here. Seeing the kimbralou pieces flung onto their choreographed pile, precariously close to a puddle, made me so happy. It sent out a loud message that kimbralou was meant for fun in owning it no matter what. 
There was no practice or boundaries put on the Models… I gathered them and told them to each just own their ‘it’ and have fun. Their compliance was extraordinary as I watched amongst the crowd.
Photographer Richard Smith @rsit_richard was there to capture the memories of kimbralou underground.