As a current Specialist Cardiology RN, with a Grad.Cert. in Health Professional Education, I can honestly say I enjoy mentoring young leaders. As such, when the TAFE fashion styling students approached to ask if kimbralou looks could be showcased in their final assessment event, of course I agreed. 
With any event that kimbralou is involved in, from the first Runway, I have always surrounded myself with carefully selected  Special Event Models and styled them in kimbralou. This does add to the work load of attending an event but the razzamatazz it brings is everything. At this event I surrounded myself with current Official kimbralou Models Sven, Albert, Jacob and Tessa with Squad Models Maddy and Jesse. 
Richard Smith was the collaborating Photographer with kimbralou capturing the events razzmatazz and an impromptu photoshoot on the way home. 
Of special note, it was at this event that current Offical kimbralou Model Jessemay crossed paths with me. Jessemay walked the ‘Wild One’ look. I have decided that this look will never leave archive in her honour. 
On this note, I personally find it hard to release pieces out of the expansive kimbralou archive; they each have special stories within their fibres. However, as Albert encourages me to do, at certain points, kimbralou need to be released for other adventures.