The outspoken voice of kimbralou was able to elevate to a whole new level, advocating for the ownership of oneself; being your own leader. 

The unstylised words, stating, 'wild spirit ' was embroidered on a tiger image and patched to salvaged vintage pants. At this point the vintage pants had been customised.

The customised pants featured in the kimbralou debut, within a Runway showcase, facilitated by RAW Australia in 2017. 

'Wild Spirit' was a bold statement to declare that Kimbra, in her midlife, was clear knowing. By the time the last stitch of 'wild spirit' was embroidered there was full connection with and awareness of kimbralou being a powerful voice.

The 'voice' was intuitively wild with blatant frankness and became the trusted soul of the kimbralou brand. The voice was totally free to communicate through the salvaged and customised pieces inspired by instinctual wisdom and knowledge gathered from the university of life. 

The brands emergence from here seemed propelled forward by great energy flow that unfolded in many magical ways. Doors seemed to appear and open widely in this state of clear knowing. 

The question still is, after nearly three years of brand emergence, did Kimbra subconsciously dream kimbralou forward; impelling the creative life with this entity into actualisation. A life where ideas flow in abundance to voice the courage of a wild spirit.


Conversely, consciously, the courage of a wild spirit will know when kimbralou has run its course.

Life is dynamic and new beginnings always start when doors close.

This notion is symbolic of the discarded fashion kimbralou salvages then customises for new beginnings.