I see indie in the context of fashion, as a culture of purpose, led by leaders with fierce determination skills,to positively change the status quo of unsustainable fashion inequality. 

I consider Kimbralou is just one prong of this indie collective motivating a positive paradigm shift. That is amongst leaders who actively disrupt fashion ideals in their quest for ‘fashionable’ equality that is enduring. 

I feel social purpose is an intuitive standard embedded into the kimbralou brand. There is substantial evidence that kimbralou is a social purpose native, who has had this imbedded brand value from the start. The brands history, documented chronologically within the dedicated website pages, clearly points to the brand not being an immigrant who has since caught on. 

It is my hope that the brand is perceived as having no tokenism within it motivating the work towards a healthier fashion future. I also hope to convey willingness to be analysed via the brand activity showcased at many Runways, creative collaborations, published articles, selling at Popups and online, the websites pages and social media platforms. On any given occasion I invite and welcome constructive feedback to learn from this through professional reflection. 

I want to be clear that Kimbralou is not a brand that points fingers. I personally just wish to inspire and assist other entities with a similar ‘indie’,culture of purpose.

Leading kimbralou requires thinking deeply and creating with purpose. At the forefront of this is designing that empowers the individuals that select the exclusive customised pieces. It also, includes facilitating the breakdown of something already percieved to be a certain way. A clear style redefined as undefined that provides a fresh backdrop to the pieces chosen to be ‘owned’ and the style messages others receive from their ownership of ‘it’.

Some individuals drawn to kimbralou claim to be a bit lost in the world of fashion but are still searching for something they need. The witnessed emotion and myriad of unsolicited feedback expressing joy in finding their confidence by feeling like themselves and ‘owning’ a kimbralou piece is very validating. Ultimately designing transformative pieces to empower, is what I consider the brands success. It also improvises the power to patiently persist with kimbralou at ‘freight train’ pace beside my demanding career as a Registered Nurse and living with chronic disability.

There is a very deep personal approach in the kimbralou design process. The  phenomenon, that I discovered existed in my 50th year, was my ability to bring inner thoughts that were diary like out into the open through the kimbralou pieces. Since then, one by one they serve as a vehicle for my memories of emotions and invite others to share them. There is no rhyme or reason to the selection of my pool of references... it just comes at the time of salvaging or customising.

Labelled as a rebellious child where now I see it was a great gift to enable my self determination in owning myself always; even in the face of child abuse and severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that led to a life of progressive disability.

This notion of ‘owning it’ serves kimbralou well where spirit lightness and fun emanates from the pieces as one by one they are seen ‘owned’ by rule breakers.

Collectively I regard these ‘owners’ as an indie ‘staywoke Generation’, who with kimbralou, are mindfully assisting to rebirth a fashion renaissance era. United, as community leaders, in the discovery of new fashion terrains that, most importantly, don’t cost the earth. 

Model: Jacqueline @liljsvintage

Photo: Richard Smith @rsit_richard